Wedding Coasters

This was a quick little extra wedding gift I worked up for my cousin to go along with the dated table runner. Each coaster took around 15 minutes to make so they look great for how simple they are!

Coasters all finished and wrapped up!

The pattern I used is available for free here. Please note that it uses UK terms eg. A UK treble crochet is a US double, a UK double is a US single.

I chose to use grey as the neutral colour for my coaster as my cousin’s house mainly has grey décor, but any colour combination would work. If you need a bigger selection of coasters, maybe try a rainbow set!

My first coaster finished.

The two blue coasters being blocked – definitely necessary with the wavy edges!

All my finished coasters laid out and ready to be wrapped.

After the coasters were done, I realised I had made a small mistake: In round 4, instead of making a dc (UK terms) in the space, I made a tr. All this means is that the ‘petals’ on the edge of the coaster are less pronounced as they don’t dip in as much at the edges. I decided to leave my coasters as they are because I didn’t think it detracted from the look, but be careful of that instruction if you want more pronounced petals on your coasters!


Happy hooking 😊

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