Pompom Rug

This project is my nemesis. I have spent so much of my life making pompoms and I am not even nearly half way through yet! I am so excited for it to be finished because I will be left with a beautiful, comfy rug but… Right now I am honestly not sure if it is worth it!

Before I started, I looked at a lot of possible colour combination to use. I considered using a random pattern of pompoms, but in the end, I decided to go with a colour gradient. I found Pinterest to be a very useful resource for this; there were a lot of colour palettes that included which yarn could be used for each colour. In the end I went with this colour combination.

Look at all of this exciting yarn!

Once it all arrived, I started making the pompoms. And then I made some pompoms… then more pompoms…. You get the idea. After all of that, this is where I am up to:

My pompoms all laid out, ready to be tied on…

I have already secured some to the rug liner and it’s looking really good. I just need to mentally prepare myself for making the rest of the pompoms and, once they are done, I should be able to get it all tied together in an afternoon! Wish me luck…

P.S does pompom look like a word to you any more? It doesn’t to me….


Happy Hooking! 😊

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