Simple Crochet Basket

I have recently moved into my new flat at Uni and found I have no space for a bedside table. I do, however, have a rather large pipe next to my bed that was part of the original building so cannot be removed. It has a very handy little lip part way up which I thought would be perfect to hang something from. I had already picked up some Bernat Handicrafter chunky yarn back in June and haven’t had a chance to use it yet, so… Hanging bedside table basket it is!

Having recently made an amigurumi giraffe, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use some techniques I picked up from that project and create my own pattern.

Here is the finished project holding some of my other yarn.

This basket is super simple and is definitely customisable. I used a magic ring to start off because it gives a tight finish, meaning there will be no hole in the bottom of the basket! You could start by chaining two and putting 6 SC in the first loop, but I don’t recommend this as the basket won’t be as tight.

If you want your basket to be larger than the one I have made, add more rounds after round 11 continuing to add another stitch before increasing each round. For example, your round 12 would be Ch1, [11 SC, Inc], SS to join. If you would rather it be smaller than mine, then begin round 12 at an earlier stage and skip out some of the increases!

I used a 6.5mm hook and the Bernat brand Handicrafter Chunky yarn (can’t find the colour name!) for this project. It is a sturdy yarn with quite a rough texture, meaning it’s the perfect yarn to use for something that needs to be durable.



MR: magic ring

SC: single crochet

DC: Double crochet

CH: chain

SS: Slip stitch

BLO: back loops only

Inc: increase

[]: repeat everything in brackets for round

(): number of stitches in round


  1. 6 SC in MR, SS to join (6)

2. CH 1, Inc in every SC, SS to join (12)

3. CH 1, [SC, Inc], SS to join (18)

4. CH 1, [2 SC, Inc], SS to join (24)

5. CH 1, [4 SC, Inc], SS to join (30)

6. CH 1, [5 SC, inc], SS to join (36)

Progress after round 6.

7. CH 1, [6 SC, Inc], SS to join (42)

8. CH 1, [7 SC, Inc], SS to join (48)

9. CH 1, [8 SC, Inc], SS to join (54)

10. CH 1, [9 SC, Inc], SS to join (60)11.

11. CH 1, [10 SC, Inc], SS to join (66)

12. CH 1, BLO SC round once, SS through both loops to join

Crocheting through the BLO creates this right angle on the basket.

13-23. CH 1, SC round, SS to join

24. CH 1, SC 18, CH 12.

attach 10 SC across with a SC.

This creates the first handle. SC 25, CH 12, attach 10 SC across with SC to make the second handle.  SC 10, SS to join

25-26. CH 1, SC round, SS to join

Here is another view of the finished project.


Feel free to share this pattern around, but please do credit me!


Happy hooking 😊

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