Amigurumi Giraffe – Phase 1

Hello and welcome to my first ever blog post! Within these posts, I will explain my crochet process from the start to the finish of a project. I will usually cover where my idea came from, the pattern I used, any difficulties I faced and, most importantly, include lots of pictures! Mostly, crochet is such a fun hobby, I just want to share what I have created and, if I can, inspire some others along the way. Whether you’re after tips, inspiration or you just want to look at some pretty pictures, I hope you enjoy my blog! Happy hooking 🙂


I found out a couple of weeks ago that an old co-worker of mine is pregnant! What could I do but immediately start on a baby gift?

The start of a new project is always super exciting for me and usually involves a long time trawling through Pinterest or Ravelry trying to find ideas or a pattern to use. For this project, I knew immediately it would have to be giraffe-themed as it’s her top favourite animal. Think giraffe calendar on desk, giraffe screensaver, giraffe stationary… the whole lot.

At first, I searched for giraffe baby blankets. I considered a granny square pattern, or maybe a more complicated c2c, but after looking through my existing stash (and at my bank account…) I decided it would have to be something smaller. Plus, I’m moving to a new house to start my final year of Uni, so I had no idea if I would have time to make an entire blanket!

After my recent amugurumi jellyfish I really wanted to have another try at this technique. I did have a go at amigurumi when I first started crocheting but it always turned out a bit of a mess. Now that I’ve been crocheting for a while, it is much easier to keep an even tension and the pieces come out looking much neater.

There is a surprising amount of search results for giraffe amigurumi on Pinterest, but unfortunately most are just pictures and don’t have any pattern with them. I am not quite comfortable enough with amigurumi to try making my own patterns yet, so I knew I had to find one. I wanted a slightly realistic-looking giraffe –  not too cartoony –  and after a lot of trawling, I finally unearthed this pattern from Courtney Deley on Ravelry. Even better – it’s free!

I really loved this pattern as soon as I started it. It is written very simply – maybe too simply for some – but it is super easy to follow and works up very quickly. For every section, you can either chain 2 to start or use a magic ring. I chose to use the magic ring even though it can be a bit fiddly as I didn’t want any gaps where the stuffing might escape with it being for a baby. It gave me a good excuse to practice using magic rings for future amigurumi anyway!

Here are all the pieces ready and laid out!

My favourite part of the pattern was the back legs:

*CH 2 or MR which ever you prefer
6 SC in the ring
Inc in every SC (12)
[SC, inc] (18)
[2 SC, inc] (24)
BLO SC around once (24)
SC around in both loops (24)
**change colour**
SC around 7 times (24)
FO­ leave a long tail for sewing

Crocheting only through the back loops (on line 6 of the pattern) causes the leg to angle up at almost a right angle to make a wide, flat bottom. The front loops that stick out almost create a border around the bottom giving the appearance of a hoof!

It’s a super simple technique that gives a very subtle but effective outcome, especially when compared to the front leg which is very rounded at the bottom.

Back leg on the left, front leg on the right.

For this project, I just used a simple DK yellow and orange yarn with a 4mm hook. I don’t remember what brand the yarn is, or even where I got it from so, luckily, I had enough for this project tucked away in my stash!


I plan to stuff and sew this piece in the next couple of days so should be updating with the finished project fairly soon!


Happy hooking 🙂

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